Seven Kitchen Secrets with Chef Haldar – Houz Café Bar – Worldmark Gurugram – Sector 65

Seven Kitchen Secrets with Chef Haldar – Houz Café Bar – Worldmark Gurugram – Sector 65

“When you acknowledge, as you must, that there is no such thing as perfect food, only the idea of it, then the real purpose of striving toward perfection becomes clear: to make people happy, that is what cooking is all about, my philosophy from day one is that I can sleep better at night if I can improve an individual’s knowledge about food, and do it on a daily basis. To me, there’s no great chef without a great team”

Chef Haldar

Houz Café Bar

Worldmark Gurugram

Through this write-up, I want to share kitchen secrets with all of you readers. These tips and tricks can help you add smartness to your cooking.

Trick One –

Defrosting the meat – Thawing the meat in the refrigerator before 12 hours of cooking is the most common way, people defrost it. But we can save all that time with the Chef’s most amazing tip.

The fastest way to defrost meat is under a cold running tap. In 3-4 minutes the meat will be thawed and ready to be cooked.

Trick Two –

When you have excess lemons, freeze lemon juice in ice cube trays and use it whenever needed in your recipes. It stays good for 15-20 days. Now no more lemon wastage.

Trick Three –

To get white and fluffy rice – Add a tbsp of fresh lemon juice when cooking rice to get fluffy & whiter grains. An issue that is common in all kitchens.

Trick Four –

Fried onions for biryanis, pulao – Add a pinch of sugar while frying onions for garnishing biryanis and pulao, so that they will brown faster. This is a great way to get crispy onions.

Trick Five –

No more tears while chopping onions – Cut off both ends, peel the onions and wash the onions under cold water.

Trick Six –

Extract more juice from lemons and lime – Roll the lemon on the countertop before cutting and juicing to extract more juice from the lemons.

Trick Seven –

To preserve ginger garlic, paste for a longer duration you should add a tbsp of hot cooking oil to ginger-garlic paste, mix well and store it in the refrigerator.

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