Tipsy Tuesday

Tipsy Tuesday

And we are back with Tipsy Tuesday.

Rajbir, our bar head is very keen to share all his sweet secrets with you through Tipsy Tuesday. Houz Café Bar Worldmark Gurugram is super happy with the bar team.

Now this cocktail has a story, it was accidentally created when Rajbir was on a cocktail course in London. On one of his assignments, he was supposed to create something sweet yet punchy. When we looked at the ingredients he had at hand, he realized he could only add caramel syrup to this cocktail and pray it comes out well.

There we go… A life of any party, corporate event, private party, or any celebration otherwise. Let us introduce you to Caramel Sour

Ingredients –

Bourbon whiskey – JD, Jim Beam – 60 ml

Fresh lime juice – 15 ml

Pineapple juice – 30 ml

Caramel syrup – 15 ml

Add It all together and shake it well.

Make sure you serve the cocktail in a stunning glass to make that ultimate impression.