Tipsy Tuesday

Tipsy Tuesday

If you are a cocktail fan then – Tipsy Tuesday is the blog read just for you. If you love hosting people, throwing house parties, or are just an enthusiast this blog will give you an insight into some of the most amazing cocktails we love at Houz Café Bar – Worldmark Gurugram, sector 65 – extension road.

The pick for his week is an absolute favorite for parties, be it corporate parties, get-togethers, birthday soirees, anniversary parties, or just catchup.

Pink Panther

Ingredients –

Vodka – If you are a gin fan you can replace vodka with gin. However, Rajbir our bar manager loves vodka – 60 ml

Fresh lime juice – 15 ml

Pomegranate syrup – 20 ml

Egg white – One or if you are not an egg white person the froth can be created with pineapple juice.

Add It all together and shake it well.

Make sure you serve the cocktail in a stunning glass to make that ultimate impression.