What is a café bar?

What is a café bar?

The concept that is loved by all!

A café bar is a place that is an amalgamation of two entities. It has the coziness of a café and the chicness of a bar.

Coffee and Cocktails

A café bar is a place where coffee and cocktails are given equal importance. It is not biased, this place has great coffee, and sexy cocktails. The coffee dates, brunch dates, and morning catch-ups are super popular.  Dates night, drinking soirees, corporate parties, late birthday parties, and anniversaries dinners are equally popular. 


Most café bars have a world menu to cater to the taste of their target audience. Café-oriented dishes like cakes, breakfast items, and small plates are definitely on the menu. Bar nibbles and dense food palate items all are available.  It is a place that gives you the best of both worlds. Café bars are becoming more and more popular, keeping in mind the range of people who can come and enjoy.

Target Audience

Café bars are smart places. It has all the ingredients to catch the young crowds, corporates, families, working people, and couples. The café bar has something unique to offer to all age groups.


Live events, bands, and musical events are extremely popular at café bars. Gurgaon, extension road sector 65 has seen a rise in such places that have live bands, great cocktails, and food. These live band events are popular with all age groups in Gurgaon.


Cafe bars are designed in such a way, that it has space to celebrate a special occasion. It will have designated spots where one can feel cozy on a date night. One corner will have a family table that can accommodate the entire family. May be separate floors where you can host corporate parties, birthday celebrations, and private events. You will see the sense of community in this place, it will celebrate Halloween, Xmas eve, and new year’s so all the people around can come and feel at home.